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The Early Days of the Beatles

"I grew up in Hamburg, not Liverpool." - John Lennon

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The first and only community about the early Beatles in Hamburg and Liverpool!
2010 - A year to celebrate: 50 years ago, on August 16th, 1960, the Beatles arrived in Hamburg!

They played at the Indra Club for the first time on August 17th - then Kaiserkeller, Top Ten and, 1962, at the famous Star Club! Staying in Hamburg shaped their musical style as well as their personal development, it was the time of crucial decisions such as: Pete Best or Ringo Starr? Teddy Boy look or moptops? Bert Kaempfert ("My Bonnie") or Brian Epstein ("Love Me Do")?
This community focusses on the early days of the Beatles between Hamburg and Liverpool. You will see many unseen pictures and read interviews with people who were actually there in the beginning of the 60s!

Would you like to know when and where this picture was taken?


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Would you like to know who was responsible for the change in these pictures?

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And would you like to know more about this particularly amazing Beatle and his life in Hamburg?


Then join this com, and if you come to Hamburg, let's meet up!

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